The Cluster

The down cluster itself is a Beta Keratin which is a protein extremely similar to the composition of our hair.

As such, much the same care is needed with down as we do with our hair. Too much oil or dirt or anything else and it goes flat and potentially clumpy.

Like our hair, there are essential fats and oils that are essential to retain resiliency and loft. When we process material, we look to retain a very precise amount of these while achieving an extremely clean product. This is why the composition of the detergent itself is extremely important.

Think of our ALLIED DOWN WASH like shampoo for your down jacket.

Harsh chemicals and overprocessing can cause it to become brittle and damaged.

Additives like bleach or other harsh chemicals in most laundry detergents might be able to get your product clean quickly, but can strip the down of those fats and oils necessary for the performance and durability of the product.

You would never use your hand soap for your hair, why would you use a regular detergent for your down?