RENUPerformance Recycled Down

In the past 39 years, textile waste in landfills has increased by over 800%.

On average, consumers throw away 80 pounds of textile waste per year, and almost 95% of this waste that ends up in landfills could have been reused or recycled.

Furthermore, diverting just one year of textile waste into a recycling program is the equivalent of taking 7.3 million cars and their emissions off the road.

Virgin down remains an important part of the circular economy, and one of the most sustainable insulations on the planet.

But in looking at ways we can be more proactive in our environmental stewardship practices, textile waste was one area we felt we could expand.

By working with global recycling centers and developing our own recycling programs, ALLIED now takes old bedding products – otherwise destined for the landfill – and is able to reuse the material inside while sending the textiles into their own separate recycling supply chains.

ALLIED takes these old down products, opens them, separates the down, and sends it through our industry-leading sustainable DuraWash processing.

And our further proprietary separation processes yield the highest performing, highest loft recycled down on the market.

ALLIED’s RENU is a Performance Recycled Down with a positive impact on the environment.

RENUPerformance Recycled Down
100% sourced from post-consumer products
700+ FP proprietary separating and processing for high performance fill powers
1,000,000+ Lbs textile waste kept out of landfill with ALLIED RENU