As a natural material, even the whitest down in the world can contain dark spots.

With a conservative estimation of around 1000 down clusters per gram, even down sourced and traditionally separated to 99.9% white, still has the potential to contain at least 1 dark spot per gram.

In a lightweight jacket, this could mean as many as 150 dark spots. As textiles push the limits of light weight, these dark spots are becoming increasingly more visually prevalent for some brands and products.

ALLIED has worked with innovative machinists to develop a computerized sorting process that mechanically separates down cluster by cluster, picking out any dark spots. What is left is a pure white down with virtually no dark spots.

All UltraWHT down is processed in the same way as all ALLIED down in our proprietary DuraWash process and sourced from our certified farms.

99.99+ % pure white
0 dark spots seen through light fabrics