TrackMyDown + Optix

ALLIED is bringing down traceability to the consumer through engaging and educational initiatives tied directly into our traceability database — so you know exactly where your down came from and how it was processed.  

While the industry-wide animal welfare standards are incredibly important to bring a level of assurance to consumers that the down inside a garment, pillow, comforter or bag has been sourced responsibly, there is a lot more complexity to down insulation than just where or how it was sourced.

And even though the standards also ensure traceability, there is no real way through those alone for the consumer to really understand where the down inside their jacket came from.

For us, the standards are simply an insurance policy to now communicate some of the intricacies of the material to the end user. For far too long, the synthetic industry and animal welfare activists have been able to attack down and spread misinformation without the customer having any sort of outlet to learn more about the performance and sustainability of responsibly sourced material. 

That’s why, in 2015, alongside the release of the first RDS certified products, ALLIED launched

The site allows the consumer to use the lot number on the jacket to learn more about all the important elements of the down inside their jacket – from source to cleanliness to complete content analysis – educating the consumer on what fill power is, why cleanliness and processing are so important to performance,  and how these might reflect on the quality of the product in front of them. 

And now in 2020, ALLIED is launching a unique retail down traceability tool – the Optix iMirror powered by Nobal Technologies.

The mirror is able to read the down inside a garment with an integrated reader that interacts with a proprietary treatment on the down. This allows the user to interact with the down inside the jacket to learn more about the quality of the down, see where and how it was sourced and even learn of  potential other products that might be a better fit and order directly from the mirror itself.