For products that might require extreme performance in unusual conditions, ALLIED pioneered water resistant down treatments.

The one Achilles heel that down is known for is its ability to perform when submitted to extreme moisture. It is not often that an insulation comes into such extreme contact with water, but when it does, down can wet-out, reducing the fill power and losing the ability to retain warmth.

Now commonplace on the market, ALLIED’s HyperDRY Water Resistant Down remains among the highest performing, and stands as the benchmark for sustainability in hydrophobic down treatments.

The compound in the HyperDRY treatment works the same way as traditional DWR chemicals by building carbon-hydrogen chains on the down cluster to decrease the surface tension, which ultimately causes water to bead and roll off. The difference is that the HyperDRY compound is completely PFC Free, meaning it is not flourinated. The flourination of previously used treatments is what gave those chemicals an extremely long half-life, making them almost impossible to break down and allowing them to wreak havoc on the waterways and ecosystem we rely on.

Working closely with our chemical partners, we were able to develop a hydrophobic treatment that could not only provide performance without fluorocarbons, but also allow us to process material more sustainably. Traditional treatments rely on additional wash cycles which uses a tremendous amount of water. We are able to process our material outside of our processing water supply so we can use far less chemistry, reduce run-off to basically zero and keep from contaminating our water so we can continue to recycle what is used.

30-40X more hydrophobic than untreated down
25X less water used in treating than conventional methods
95% compound adhesion compared to ~60% in conventional methods
5X less chemistry required to achieve the same performance