It has been shown that down has a fraction of the environmental impact compared to the most comparable recycled petroleum-based down alternative fibers.


And those alternative fibers still cannot come close to matching the warmth-to-weight ratio, durability, years of use, and range of warmth provided by the best down insulation.

The down and feather is collected following the preparation of the meat and would otherwise be thrown out as trash.

Many farms also have multi-layered functionality when it comes to the raising of birds. In China, there are farms where Geese roam free throughout commercial Asian Pear orchards.

The droppings from the birds fertilizes the trees, while surrounding the orchard lies existing water and shelter for the birds. 

And with such a low economic value per bird within an already low-impact supply chain, it was recently finally published that down has an 85 – 97% lower impact on the environment than a recycled synthetic alternative. 


According to a recently published LCA, down has 18 times less climate change impact than recycled synthetic alternatives and excelled in all areas with the exception of water use. Detergents were also found to be contributing significantly to down’s overall – though small – carbon footprint.

We were the fourth company in the U.S. to earn Palm Oil Free Certification in 2018.

We recycle over 65 million gallons of water annually through our water filtration systems and have long been a bluesign® system partner working with a unique chemical supplier to provide all our facilities with a detergent that was not harmful to the environment and also palm-oil free.

And so, with our proprietary washing procedure called DuraWash, we create some of the highest performing down in the world with minimal impact to the planet. 


We continue to push forward beyond bluesign® and look at how we can both improve and help move the entire industry forward by working with organizations, laboratories, and certifications. 

In addition to all ALLIED down being bluesign® approved, it is also Oeko-Tex 100 certified and certified Palm Oil Free. We have worked closely with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and continue to contribute to the HIGG index.