How to Clean Your Down

It is actually quite easy to clean your down product.

The two biggest things you can do to damage the down inside a garment is to use harsh detergents, and to not dry completely. While we always suggest following the recommended washing instructions on the garment, the following is generally the best way to wash your down product.

It is critical to start with a detergent specifically created for down products, like our ALLIED DOWN WASH, which can be purchased here.

If possible, pre-rinse products without detergent

This helps to saturate the items allowing the detergent to penetrate the fabrics more effectively and get to the down clusters to clean them thoroughly.
Wash on low temperature

There is a greater likelihood that the fabrics will require a lower temperature than the down itself. This also saves energy when it is not needed.
Following wash, run an additional rinse without detergent

This will ensure that all detergent was completely rinsed out of the down and the product. Leaving residual detergent on the down may cause a reduction in fill power.
Tumble dry on low temperature until completely dry with clean tennis balls or a clean shoe.

If you think the item is dry, it is worth running one last dry cycle. Many people assume it is dry by the feel of the textile, but the down inside remains slightly damp. This may take several cycles. It is not possible to over-dry in a home laundry machine, and is always better to err on the side of dry with down insulation.

It may be obvious, but do not bleach or iron your down filled products.

We also generally recommend against dry cleaning, but if that is necessary because of certain trims on the item, it is recommended to use an eco-friendly dry cleaner who has experience with down filled products.